You want to sell all or part of your collection?

For collection of coins, stamps, old letters, watches or jewelry we offer different solutions, guaranteeing simple and the best result, each with some differences (for sales commissions are all inclusive except for tax lots sold, free of charge Schedule description, catalog, advertising or otherwise, without any charge on unsold)


 Private treaty

Following the review of your collection on-site at our offices or directly to you, we offer a purchase price of farm, with no obligation on your part. Immediate payment. Discretion assured, travel free of charge.


 Mail bid auction

French tradition in the field of philately and numismatics, these sales have the advantage of being known to all collectors. After having submitted your stamps, letters, collections, coins or tickets that we list, we make an estimate for your account and a job description of the lots engaging our responsibility and expertise. After approval of yourhand, we include these lots in a catalog and submit them for sale to our customers worldwide.
Regulation comes to you 45 days after the closing date.

Type of lots: The general sales suit all types of goods without restriction.
Possibility of holding a special sale with a custom catalog for a large collection.
Commission: 12 to 20% depending on the size of the lots assigned. No fee on returns.

 Public auction

As for the sale of offers, we support you throughout the sales process, the estimate to the publication of the catalog, always subject to your approval. Turned to the international clientele that knows no wrong or the system of mail auction, the auction can often achieve significant price, buyers can correct up to the moment their purchase price. Boule-MC has sales in an Internet auction system providing collectors the most geographically distant to participate in live auctions, covering the world.
Regulation comes to you 30 days after the date of receipt.

Type of units: Merchandise selected for cataloged sales of all types for the current sales.
Commission:8 to 20% depending on the size of the lots assigned. No fee on returns.


 Prestigious public auction

Same process as for the auction, but traditionally in the prestigious setting of the Hotel Hermitage in Monaco. These deluxe sales, the timing is variable, is strongly internationally oriented and offer only a few hundred pieces of rare and quality assignment.
Regulation comes to you 45 days after the date of sale.

Type of units: Goods selected.
Commission: 8 to 20% depending on the size of the lots assigned. No fee on returns.

 Estimates - Sharing - Succession

We are at your disposal for any estimate, shares tips collectors.